European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS)

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authenticates your identity on European Commission websites

What is ECAS?

ECAS is the European Commission Authentication Service. It allows users to access a wide range of Commission information systems, using a single username and password. Once you log in, ECAS will remember you as long as you keep your browser open. During that time, you won't have to identify yourself again, no matter how many online services of the Commission you access.


Introduction to the "Where are you from?" screen

The "Where are you from?" screen (WAYF) is the starting point of an ECAS authentication. Its purpose is to have you choose your authentication domain, which roughly corresponds to the organisation where you have an account. Once this choice has been made, you can log in to ECAS for the selected domain.

Choosing the correct ECAS domain

The following might help you choose the correct authentication domain:

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